C & W Global’s C.E.O.  W. Elisa Chan has cultivated a vast international network in her time in the private and public sectors. As a result C & W Global is in a unique position to connect investors with credible projects. These investments will serve to grow small businesses and fund innovators looking for new opportunities in diverse markets.

Foreign Direct Investment allows international investors an ability to play advantages in both their home and US markets. It’s no secret that the turbulent international economy has been particularly unpredictable in the last few years. As Asian markets continue to advance technologically and globalize, foreign direct investment provides our clients with steady growth projects here in the United States – largely insulated from the day to day international spikes. However, moving investment into an unfamiliar international economy is not without its dangers, using our guidance and experience C&W Global clients can take advantage of opportunities both in the U.S. and Asian economies.